Building Nutrition from Soil to Food

I think many farmers are caught up in the economic model of agriculture that is simply based on yields. When faced with the challenge of balancing environmental and quality of life goals it is difficult to get straight answers. The answers we are seeking have different questions because they are broader in scope and more than yield. The decisions start with what management will regenerate the soil.

Agricultural Mentor

  • I work with existing farmers who are exploring a biological approach to their farms and want to improve their farm operations for soil regeneration.
  • I mentor farmers who are transitioning to organic production. We work through scenarios that develop the management mindset needed for successful transition.
  • I coach landowners on how to create a diverse healthy landscape. I work with new farmers and those considering purchasing land, assessing the suitability of the land and developing the management strategy that will support the farmer and the farmscape.
  • I participate in research projects and in organizations that are passionate about soil and water conservation.

Agricultural Consultant Services

The following is a list of some of the services I offer. Please contact me with your specific needs.

  • develop innovative cropping systems for organic and biological farms to reduce tillage, integrate cover crops, and livestock grazing
  • advise crop management including grazing, field crops, fruit and vegetable crops and greenhouses
  • test soil, tissue, water and crop nutrient for fertility plans
  • transition planning, applications, input sourcing and approval, and record keeping for organic certification
  • plan and manage restoration agriculture projects
  • develop nutrient management plans
  • collaborate on soil health projects
  • research pest and disease issues, and assess fertility amendments
  • classroom teaching and speaking engagements
  • Soil Health School and farmer networks

Soil Health Education and Networking

I offer programming through Soil Health School and am growing a network of people who are interested in seeing a shift in the focus of agriculture from maximum yields to maximum soil health for the future of agriculture; in your community, for Ontario, for Canada and the planet. For more information, visit my resources page.

I can help you

  • Existing farmers – who want to enhance biology and returns
  • Existing farmers – transitioning to organic
  • Existing organic farmers – who are looking to improve biology and production
  • New farmers – who would like to design a farm system that is connected to the landscape and Nature
  • Researchers – to assist in developing integrated cropping systems, and select tools for organic/biological farming
  • Groups – to help develop an understanding of what farming can be


I serve a diversity of farm types from ranches to greenhouses and diversified organic farms.