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Soil Health Coalition – Erin, Ontario

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I am so pleased to be leading the first year of a multi-year project that focusses on soil health in and around Erin, Ontario.  The project is farmer led.  Their  decisions to improve, change, or update management  practices on their farms will be made by themselves, supported by a like-minded group of participating farmers.  Their decisions will backed by solid, evidence based method of collecting soil carbon and water infiltration data from their farms.  The project furthers engages ‘citizen scientists’ who are farmers themselves, community members, interns, or students who help with the collection of data and its analysis.  We hope to extend the pilot this year or next to some three or four other regions of Ontario.

We hold our 2nd ‘farm circle’ meeting on March 29, 2018, in Erin. The night before is an open house, presentation, and short film, followed by discussion in the Erin Legion.

Stay tuned!

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